2017-18 Tryout Information

U16-U19 Tryouts

Tryout dates for the age groups U16-U19 will be in late April and/or early May.  Locations for tryouts and the age group schedule will be posted shortly.

2017-18 Coaching Slate

Birth Year Age Group Gender Color Coach (click link for bio)
2006 U-12 Girls Blue Mattias Kodzoman
2006 U-12 Boys Blue Michael Sharp / Shea Whelan
2005 U-13 Girls Blue Tyler Gottschalk
2005 U-13 Boys Blue Shea Whelan
2004 U-14 Girls Blue Rob Funes
2004 U-14 Boys Blue Josh Kalkstein
2004 U-14 Girls Red Michael Sharp
2004 U-14 Boys Red Zach Stanton
2003 U-15 Girls Blue Rob Funes
2003 U-15 Boys Blue Phil Billeci-Gard
2003 U-15 Girls Red Ben Swann
2003 U-15 Boys Red Diego Marroquin
2002 U-16 Girls Blue Chris King
2002 U-16 Boys Blue Cody Pillon
2002 U-16 Girls Red Brandon Murphy
2002 U-16 Boys Red Ben Swann
2001 U-17 Girls Blue Tyler Gottschalk
2001 U-17 Boys Blue Dave Frank
2001 U-17 Girls Red Jody Lingafeldt
2001 U-17 Boys Red Diego Marroquin
2000 U-18 Boys Blue Zach Kingsley
2000 U-18 Boys Red Spencer Stanton
1999 U-19 Girls Blue Kelly Coffey
1999 U-19 Boys Blue Phil Billeci-Gard
1999 U-19 Girls Red Shane Kennedy

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