Club History and Mission

About Marin FC

Founded in 2004 as an alliance of five local Marin youth soccer organizations, Marin FC was created specifically to support the development of elite competitive soccer teams and players in Marin County.

In support of our mission, the club lives by a set of goals to guide operations and decisions.  Included in our goals is establishing a positive learning environment which promotes:

  • self-discipline,
  • character development,
  • sportsmanship and
  • leadership

Our programs prepare players for the next level of competition, whatever that may be; high school, college, national play and/or professional opportunities. By creating the top-level teams for the betterment of youth soccer in Marin County and surrounding communities, Marin FC advances our players to venues and opportunities suited to their aspirations in the sport.

Both parent and players are expected to uphold the tenants of our program by signing a code of conduct that outlines their commitment to their club, team, opponents, game officials and themselves.

Our Mission

To provide the qualified student-athlete with the best chance to realize his or her potential as a soccer player.

Marin FC