Financial Aid

Program Overview

Marin FC is committed to accepting players into the club regardless of financial situation. For the '17-18 season , we provided financial assistance to approximately 60 qualifying players (roughly 15% of our players). Over $50,000 in aid was distributed.

The Financial Aid program is entirely need based. All recipients must apply and provide documentation of their financial need.  The most critical aspect of demonstrating need is a verification of gross household income, essentially the first two pages of income tax forms.

With need demonstrated, players pay reduced registration fees and an award is calculated as a percentage of the player's estimated team fees. No player is awarded a 'full ride' and commonly the maximum award granted is 60% of team fees for the most deserving.

YOU MAY APPLY AT ANY TIME and estimates will be provided upon a complete application. Final awards are subject to team selection, the overall pool of applicants and the available funds for aid.


Financial Aid Process

Requests for Financial Aid from U12-U15 families are due by 6:00PM May 31, 2018. An application is considered complete when ALL requested information including income verification and the discounted registration fee deposit payable to Marin FC has been submitted by the due date. The registration fee deposit is cashed pending approval of the financial aid application. If a player seeking financial aid is added to the team after the initial registration period they must submit their financial aid application within 7 days of joining the team. Limited Financial Aid is available after the initial registration period.

Política de Ayuda Financiera

La solicitud de ayuda financiera deberán ser entregadas antes de las 6:00PM el 31 de mayo del 2018. Una solicitud solo se considera completa cuando toda la información necesaria, incluyendo la verificación de ingresos y el depósito a nombre de Marin FC, sea presentada antes de la fecha de entrega. El depósito solo será cobrado cuando la ayuda financiera y los términos asociados con la ayuda haya sido ofrecido y aceptado por la familia. Si un jugador que ha solicitado ayuda financiera es aceptado y agregado al equipo después del periodo inicial de registro, entonces debe entregar la solicitud de beca y ayuda financiera en un periodo de 7 días después de unirse al equipo. Tras el periodo inicial de registro hay una cantidad muy limitada de Becas y Ayuda Financiera.