North Marin United


North Marin United is a soccer club based in Northern Marin County, currently serving the Dixie Youth Soccer Association and Novato Youth Soccer Association, youth competitive soccer players. North Marin United, formerly Novato United, has a legacy of over Fifty years of combined leadership and programming, producing soccer players that love the game, are passionate in their efforts, and aspire to be better human beings.

North Marin United is a club based in community and the history of our parent clubs. We are hardworking in training, and fair in our play. In the end, anyone can play soccer well, but not everyone can play soccer with the dignity and class of a premier soccer club for youth players.

North Marin United is a program overseen by the dedicated officials at the Novato Youth Soccer Association, in alliance with Dixie Youth Soccer Association. Our teams include players from Novato, Lucas Valley, Terra Linda, and areas far and wide.

At North Marin United, we are pleased to provide our players a safe and enjoyable experience. Come out and watch! We are proud of who we are!